ARTPLAY 2009 - 2008

Crosshatched 2009 the full story teamed with The South Project to present a series of workshops for Melbourne Schools at ARTPLAY. The main activities were making papermache animals with Pradyumna Kumar and Ann Ferguson and making scrolls with Mantu Chitraker and Sandra Bowkett. This was based on the traditional artistry that Mantu is a wondrous exponent. Minhazz Majumdar also related the story of How the Fire Fly Got Its Light. an award winning book written and beautifully illustrated by Pradyumna Kumar.

On the Saturday families had been invited to paint papermache animals provided and hear Mantu sing his scrolls. 

In 2008 as part of The Potters Return   The full story Giri Raj Prasad and Manohar Lal completed a series of workshops for local Melbourne Schools. Each child had the opportunity to make a small pot with a potter that was then fired and returned to the students. During the workshop  Manohar Lal  also made traditional waterpots, this is a most engaging process that had the children mesmerized. A session was also held where the culture of a traditional Rajasthani potter was discussed as well as viewing a short DVD from Manohar Lal's village. A display of the work of Giri Raj Prasad showed the mastery of his craft.

A family day was organized for the weekend. Families were invited to paint their own waterpot. These were fired and returned to the families. These waterpots are a sustainable way of storing and cooling water.

Photos to be added