The consummate form that has evolved through the ages through use. It is a fully resolved form that engenders a satisfied response.

Carrying. Fits within the hip or on a head, with balanced centre of gravity through the body

Storing the optimum volume of water, the size of the opening limited to minimise spilling on carrying but wide enough for easy decanting.

Cooling as the maximum porous surface is available for evaporation with warmth and breeze the water is cooled.

Making. The skills honed and passed from potter to potter since the Harappan civilisation 3000-2000 BC to present are a wondrous graceful craft to witness.

Clay from readily available sources where traditionally made, low fired in pit or wood firing brick kilns photo to come

Recycling, although it cannot return to clay, crushed it can be readily incorporated into the earth, upcycled to be used as a building component for a well insulated simple room. Photo to come

Halved for containers around the workshop, moulds for the next batch of making photo to come