2017 Tour to Traditional Rajasthani Pottery Communities

February 2017 our small tour group met in Old Delhi to begin a 10 day adventure, the focus being the communities and workshops of traditional Rajasthani potters. Shirley Battnagar and Manohar Lal helped smooth the way.

Following is a pictorial overview of our experience.

Some of the potters  we met.

Potters in action

Some  iconic places we visited.

 some lesser known sites

and places we visited by chance.

A brickworks.

The  home village of one of the managers from Kesroli Fort Hotel. In conversation finding we were a group of potters offered to take us to his village where there is a potters enclave.

There was a lot of chai drinking. It becomes addictive. A chai stall is always a good place to  watch and engage with locals in a relaxed way. 

And then there is afternoon tea. Late afternoon reflections at Kesroli Fort Hotel.

My favourite meal prepared by Gangasia's family.

Finally, two of my favourite images.

We had the privilege of sharing this tour with Chris Kean.  

Sandra Bowkett