What's Next

I am beginning to think on a third Crosshatched 10 day ceramic tour in India Feb/March 2021. I share experiences gathered over 17 years of connections within traditional Rajasthani potter communities. Assisted by Shirley Bhatnagar, hindi english speaker and contemporary potter and Manohar Lal senior Rajasthani traditional potter, a small group (max 8 people) will have the unique opportunity to explore several pottery communities, some iconic Rajasthani cities, other places of interest with time to relax with chai and chatting along the way. Dates and itinerary confirmed mid 2020, however if you are interested in confirming a seat email sandra@sandrabowkett.com

For brief pictorial overviews of the 2016 and 2017 tours go to the archive.

If you have ideas of ways of engaging Crosshatched in community programmes in Australia please make contact with us.

We’ll leave you with a few images of matka and handi making by Manohar Lal.