What's Next

Manohar Lal and Aasha Ram are coming to Australia

We have closed our travel fundraiser, a big thanks to all who have contributed.

We came close to reaching to the estimated $3000 ( actual $3004) needed for the visas and flights, that being $2710, a great outcome from our crosshatched fundraising approach.

The Following are some exciting options on how to engage with the Crosshatched team

All our matka have sold however if you would like one they can be ordered now

$65 each, the perfect sustainable way to cool water. contact details below.

You could create your own Stacked sculpture.

For pre purchasing now to collect late April 2019

The elements,(based on the matka form but stackable) will be created in terracotta and woodfired to 1100 degrees c when the potters are here in April.

There are a few options and combinations.

A half day family workshop $550 at Tallarook (dates below)

this includes

  • 2 small 2 medium and 1 large element,

  • painting assistance

  • making little pots to keep assisted by one of the potters on their traditional wheels.

You could purchase individual Stack elements

there will be 3 sizes small medium large

terracotta with woodfiring markings $75 $90 $110

decorated either by you ( includes workshop assistance)

or the Crosshatched team. $100 $120 $140

Painting workshops Tallarook 21st April ( Easter Sunday)

and 23rd April

bookings sandra@sandrabowkett.com or call on 0414015460

In Melbourne generously hosted by Mercator Ceramic School Abbotsford

Workshops with a focus being decorating a large water pot made by the potters. 

A morning session 10- 12.30 for families  will also  include an opportunity for  children to make a small pot assisted by one of the potters on their manual wheels. $100 per family maximum 8


An afternoon session 1-3.30 for individuals will also include demonstrating how the waterpots pots are made as well as the opportunity to have a go on the manual wheels. $100 each maximum 12 participants


The pots will be fired for you to collect and treasure. 

Evening 9th April 6-8pm at SlowClay Collingwood and opportunity to meet Manohar Lal and Aasha Ram for a relaxed evening of demonstrations, conversation Indian snacks and beer

bookings https://www.slowclay.com/events/matka/

A big thanks to Slowclay for hosting this event.

Confirmed workshop are 6th 7th April ArtPlay fully booked


13th and 14th April at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery as part of the

Children’s Earth Time Festival drop in and make a little pot and take it home.

Moonah Arts Centre


Ages 6 – 12 fully booked

Make a small pot on a traditional pottery wheel and decorate a small bowl made by the potters. To be collected after they have been fired.

Book tickets>>

 An evening with Crosshatched 6pm - 8.30

Monday is now fully booked. Tuesday 16th still has a few places


Demonstrations Throwing on a traditional manual wheel

The staged making of large water pots (matka) and cooking vessels.

Beating out to create the forms.

Participate On a traditional wheel paired with one of the potters, rhythmic throwing small items off the hump (participants take turns cutting off and then throwing, as appropriate to skill level). Participants can take these items with them.

View A short film made in Manohar Lal’s and Aasha Rams village Kumhaargram, a community of over 700 potting families.




Please contact me on 0414015460 if you would like more information on any of the above.

with thanks

Sandra Bowkett

on behalf of the Crosshatched team