Tallarook Primary School

From 2003, whenever potters have been visiting we have presented  workshops at local central Victorian schools in particular Tallarook Primary School. Some of these students are now in their 20's. I have been told making a pot with these visiting potters has been one of the most memorable experiences of their school days.I have also found it very rewarding to observe how positively students respond. On asking the potters if they tire of working with so many children in a day Giri Raj Prasad responded , how could he, he saw the eyes of god in each child.

The workshop format generally is that each student makes a small pot with the 'assistance' of a potter on a traditional Rajasthani pottery wheel. These are fired and returned to the students. An appropriate cultural component is presented including watching a short DVD shot in the home village of Manohar Lal. We have also facilitated other relevant pottery activities.                   Sandra Bowkett